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  • We created the “Lo mejor o nada” [The best or nothing] Project, to promote the cultural assimilation of the Mercedes-Benz brand in Spain; more specifically, at their Vitoria plant (5000 people), at their headquarters in Madrid, their Spain & Portugal spare parts headquarters (+500 people), at Madrid Mercedes-Benz Retail (717 people), and at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (130 people).


We carried out the Praxis Change: Cultural Change.

Each one of these companies, under the brand motto of “Lo mejor o nada” [The best or nothing], sought how to develop their own excellence.

    • At the Mercedes-Benz Plant in Vitoria with the “Camino a la Excelencia” [Road to Excellence] Project: becoming the benchmark plant of the Daimler Vans division.
    • At the Mercedes-Benz Plant in Vitoria with the “Yo soy Mercedes-Benz” [I am Mercedes-Benz] Project: following the automobile sector crisis, the brand in Spain reinvents itself to become number one in the premium segment in Spain, and a desirable place to work.
    • At Mercedes-Benz Retail Spain with the “Llevamos la Estrella dentro” [We wear the star on the inside] Project: in order to become the Own Retail of the brand and number one in Europe.



  • Mercedes-Benz Plant in Vitoria:
    • We supported the executive team in their design of the “Camino a la Excelencia” [Road to Excellence] strategy, from 2015 until now, developing their managers through the executive coaching and team process.
    • We created an ad hoc leadership development process for the managerial chain and we trained more than 500 leaders.
    • We fostered belonging, through the participation in key projects for the future of the plant.
    • We worked with more than 200 teams from their production lines to develop their teamwork skills, manage problems and self-management.
  • Mercedes-Benz Spain Headquarters, and Spain and Portugal Spare Parts Headquarters:
    • We carried out an innovative plan with the executive team to develop belonging and participation, and we developed the values of the Daimler group in their context in Spain.
    • We created agile work teams to provide solutions to the proposals of the organisation’s employees, in terms of: talent development processes, corporate social responsibility (CSR), belonging and association with the brand, and teamwork standards.
  • Mercedes-Benz Retail Spain:
    • We carried out a project based on improving customer experience, through our Praxis Road process: Commercial and Sales Strategy.
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Spain:
    • We developed the work processes to support the products offered, through innovation workshops. We trained leaders and teams, by means of team and individual coaching processes, to work more agilely and effectively, positioning their offer more competitively.


  • The plant is a global benchmark within the Daimler Vans sector, in terms of productivity and efficiency ratios. Their Class V and Vito products are also quality references in their segment.
  • Form part of the Great Place to Work company ranking.
  • Greater effectiveness in the sales conversion rate.
  • Upselling between sales and after-sales products.
  • Capture of new target customers.
  • Reduction in number of claims.
  • Increase in NPS value.
  • Internal benchmark in Mercedes-Benz among Own Retail of the brand in Europe: Number One.

Rafael Brasero

After-Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Spain

“I was a client of Praxis in a project executed by their consultancy in my company. The project was carried out by the team led by Lucía, in a highly professional manner. What I most appreciated was the approach they sought, guiding us so that the expected change would come from us. Helping us make that change, but with no unnecessary interferences”.

Pablo Madinabeitia

Senior Manager Controlling Plant Vitoria in Mercedes-Benz Spain

“Lucía and her team have extensive experience and are permanently refreshing their knowledge about new emerging tendencies.

They get personally involved in the project with so much passion that they act as a model for the people participating in the change processes, making the latter highly effective”.

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