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  • Lortek aims to be acknowledged worldwide for its excellence in research and transfer capacity in the field of smart manufacturing, and for being a benchmark in jointing technologies and additive manufacturing.



We carried out the Praxis Change: Cultural Change.

  • With Lortek, we carried out a talent and leadership development strategy, based on the key skills that would help to sustain that cultural change, together with a new commercial and sales system.


  • First phase:
    Based on Lortek’s mission and vision, we built talent development systems, people, and we created the cultural keys of the technology centre.
  • Implementation process:
    We developed the skills of the corporate talent, and we aligned them with the business strategy, through team coaching. We also created the commercial strategy, and the strategy to relate to the market and institutions at a state and European level.
  • Follow-up phase:
    We held strategic development workshops, executive coaching, and ad hoc training processes for teams and leadership.


  • Implementation of own and shared culture as a strategic business asset to achieve the centre’s mission and vision in all Lortek functions.
  • Clear ad hoc talent and belonging development systems for the Lortek Research Centre.
  • Satisfactory cross-cutting commercial strategy, between areas and businesses.
  • Implementation of project management with clear performance levels and indicators.
  • Development and incorporation of talent.
    – Recruitment of 30% more doctors.
    – Capture of 20% more talent.
  • Implementation of self-management systems and multidisciplinary teams.

Jose Antonio Etxarri

Managing Director of Lortek

Praxis drove the project from the start, living it and getting involved in the result as if it were their own organisation, providing, in addition to methodology, value experience and proposals, throughout the whole project journey and process. Regardless of the dimension of the activity to be carried out, the bond with Gato & Partners is not one of customer-supplier, but a united force to achieve the objective. The relationship and trust reached helps to maximise the scope of the project.

For us, the activity developed with Praxis, from the strategy to the operational side, has helped us to focus our activities and responsibilities on one target: the customer. Over the last 6 years, we have continued to carry out actions of varying importance with them, as they have shown us that the payback on investment is clear and fast”.

“The different organisation roles often do not see what is needed in the same light. An approach that has this type of comprehensive, strategic and expert consultancy, which invites us to leave behind our own paradigms. One of the roles of the Head of Organisational Development and People, is the responsibility to help to foster new ideas and ways of global practices that challenge us, and take us over and beyond the place that we, with our successes and mistakes, had reached, but dangerously with identical paradigms, which minimises and penalises our adaptation capacity.

Barriers, pain, limits, both emotional, and structural and strategic, are easily and effectively overcome in our work with Praxis. Of the work carried out, noteworthy is the capacity to work at several levels at the same time (emotional, structural, and strategic). This exponentially optimises the process and the result.  When executing a project, this is a practical value, leaving the systems that work in the organisation. This helped us to advance once the consultancy intervention processes ended.

I recommend Praxis, due to everything I have mentioned above, and because, in our professional context, I know of no one else who can do this in such an integrated way. In other words, simultaneously addressing the more subtle emotional-relational detail, seeing their gifts, flaws and impacts, and the more strategic approach, always with a business-customer focus, and looking after our future from the global project.

For those organisations that are developing their people and cultural change strategy, short-cuts, partial interventions, and training do not work. Jigsaw pieces, split up among different consultants, do not work, either. There is only one way of not continuing to waste pain and resources with the same problems, and that, in my opinion and experience, is by addressing the topics from a holistic, realistic and brave perspective, the way to successfully address this type of intervention, for which Gato & Partners have always been a guarantee. Thanks!”

Nora Hacine-Bacha

Head of Organisational Development and People at Lortek

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