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  • We worked with AMPO to provide their teams with autonomy, responsibility, and leadership, in order to achieve a top-quality product, foster the creativity of people, and make them the main players of a permanently innovative project.


We carried out the Praxis Change: Cultural Change.

  • Development of a global work process, to create a strategy that integrates processes, culture, leadership, and development of teams, to ensure maximum professional competence, remaining loyal to the differentiating cooperative and organisational culture of AMPO.


  • First phase:
    We carried out a 12-month work process. First, diagnosing the necessary cultural keys to be implemented. Through participatory sessions and focus groups, including representative people from all areas and professions of the organisation.
  • Implementation phase:
    The main figures were trained in leadership keys, increasing their professional skills so they would be able to drive their teams towards self-management and autonomy. This training was carried out through ad hoc training processes and executive coaching. At the same time, by means of a team coaching processes, we developed and trained the heads of the work teams in the improvement of their coordination and communication processes.
  • Follow-up phase:
    By means of group coaching sessions, follow-up and feedback was carried out with more than 15 teams and key change agents.


  • Design of a new organisational and leadership cultural model at AMPO.
  • Improvement of the product quality.
  • Improved efficiency rate of teams.
  • Self-managed teams.
  • Reinforcement of cooperative’s own values.

Leire Colomo Zulaika

Innovation & Technology Development Director

“Processes such as this one allows teams to discover their possibilities. You are not aware of your limit and you go further than ever imagined. As a gain, I would highlight learning how to balance the technological competences and variables, making it possible to get the best out of each professional. Knowing how to channel this is decisive, marking the difference for an innovation team.

Emotions make the difference and this is a driving force for the team: knowing the value we want to achieve, listening to the market and the effect of the connection between the human and the technological, make these ideas surface and make us greater. We cannot forget our customers in any innovation project: how we are going to impact them and when is the right time. These are some of the results experienced by my team and by me, throughout the work process with Praxis. Finally, I would like to thank the team once again for their proximity, exquisiteness, commitment, understanding and positive state of mind at all times”.

“Thanks to the process carried out with Praxis, we have been able to advance in organisational development, which was the objective. Noteworthy are the engagement, involvement, and proximity of Praxis during the entire project, together with their great experience.

Based on our experience, Praxis are the right partners for any type of organisation whose objective is organisational development and improvement”.

ION Gorrotxagi




Human Recourses Director of AMPO

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