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With the public enterprise, ALOKABIDE, we carried out an innovative and unique process. We prepared teams and leadership to create more agile and effective processes, between the different departments, and with the customer at the centre. All based on their organisational leadership keys.

    • Customer-orientation.
    • Management excellence.
    • Responsibility and rigour.
    • Commitment.
    • Innovation.
    • Flexibility.
    • Coordination and collaboration.
    • Transparency.


We carried out the Praxis Grow process: Teams and Leadership.

  • We created a project that aimed to develop leadership and teamwork, always placing the customer at the centre.
  • To this end, we carried out a development and alignment process of leaders and teams, to achieve service efficiency with the customer at the centre. Something vital for Alokabide, a public service that provides rental to more than 22,000 homes in the Basque Autonomous Community.


  • First phase:

    • We diagnosed and defined the process to align the leadership and teamwork with the different departments and services of Alokabide, placing the customer at the centre of the whole organisation.
    • We drew up an action plan, shared with all the people in the organisation, through participation dynamics, obtaining alignment and commitment to it.
  • Implementation phase:

    • We developed key practices and competences, through team coaching and executive coaching processes.
    • We worked on communication capacities, the creation of leadership KPIs and customer-at-the-centre practices.
    • To implement these new standards, we created a steering team comprised of different key players from the various areas.
  • Follow-up phase:

    • We configured self-managed groups able to lead and work in a team, reviewing processes, and contact points with the customer at the centre.
    • We measured the results and integrated the lessons learnt during the work processes with the Alokabide teams.


  • Optimisation and improvements in service rate and performance.
  • Increase in customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Creation of aligned teams that are able to manage themselves.
  • Reinforcement of commitment to customer response and service.
  • Empowerment of hidden talent and of teams.
  • Alignment of the leadership model and teamwork.

Rosa Labrador

Director of H.R. at Alokabide

“During our work with Praxis, I have had no doubts, it was like betting on a winning horse; I was aware of their expertise and results achieved in other references. The project result itself, has represented, a Cultural Change process; it has enabled us to undergo a relatively easy transition process, and it has prepared us to adapt to unimagined situations.

I would highlight the practicality, converting a fanciful desire into a real power. Allowing us improvements in process, communication, interdepartmental relations, and above all, opening up our minds and not resisting change. Thus, we would recommend Praxis to other public and private companies that are seeking a partner for their strategic projects in leadership and teams, or cultural change.

The process, like all changes in general, may seem awkward to begin with, but this type of resistance, in an organisation used to living, doing and relating in a certain way for some time, is only normal. The return is seen in the short and medium term: in teams, in work quality, in results, with a visible and palpable improvement”.

“Early on, I had the typical doubts and uncertainties of a project of this type, although with a touch of curiosity and enthusiasm in terms of the preliminary proposal presented by Praxis, which contained a remarkably interesting differentiating feature compared with other companies. We have managed to align the executive team and a vast majority of the people in the organisation with the mission, clear about their priorities, and with a customer-at-the-centre vision in each internal or external action. Noteworthy in the process is the new tool palette that Gato & Partners gave us, as well as their professionalism and clarity. Likewise, the fact that they worked with each and every one of the people in the organisation, the new vision of the customer, and their needs and expectations. The moments when people and their emotions were the axis of change, the effort and satisfaction that each step represented for us.

That is why I would undoubtedly recommend Praxis to those organisations that are going through a phase of change, or a phase of business re-orientation, due to the support given and the clarification of the corporate mission, as well as the integrated objectives of each area of the company.

Likewise, highly recommendable for those businesses that want to improve, innovate their customer support model, due to the new approaches proposed, and as they take those models to all corners of the organisation.

The great difference, in my opinion, about working with Praxis, is that it is not just a classical consultancy project. It is a question of driving important changes, in terms of culture, customers…, with agile and direct tools, and where the results are seen practically from the start. It demands a lot, but in exchange, it gives a lot.

Finally, I would add that, at least in my case, I have learnt an awful lot. I take away new ways of managing myself, in order to manage my teams, and all together support our customers in their journey through our services, in an exciting and vital mission, like providing a home for so many people who, otherwise, would not have had the opportunity”.

Igor Etxabe

Director of Customer Support and Performance at Alokabide

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